Scholorships Available

Dear Student

As explained in About US, we offer our consultancy to only affiliated institution with Public Sector Universities, for confirmation of their affiliation contact Directors of the Institution/Registrar Office of the University

MS Management

MS Education

MS English (Literature & Lingu etc), Satistics, Maths & Economics 

Eligibility: Minimum 52% marks

Degree: BACHA Khan University Charsadda

Campus: PEF Post Graduate College or any other selected institute affiliated with Bacha Khan University

Fee Structure Self Finance Cost = 15000 Admission 20000 per semester = 95000/-

Cost on Scholorship (offered to Teachers, GAT Test Pass or above 75% Marks in Last Degree)

= Admission 15000/- Once Semester Dues Total 60,000/- Offer valid till 16 Feb 2014, Free GAT Training

Payment Details:

1st Semester

At the time of Admission = Rs. 15,000/-

till 30th March = Rs. 20,000/-

(1st Semester Dues Clear including admission, semester dues, registration, examination & DMC charges)


2nd Semester

September 2014 Rs. 20,000 (can be paid in 2 installments it will include all university dues as well)

3rd Semester

March 2015

Rs. 20,000 (Including PhD research supervisor fee) No fee will be charged for 4th Semester